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Everybody Wants Some

Everybody Wants Some

If you read the movie trades like a respectable and not at all nerdy human being, you’ve probably heard director Richard Linklater describe his newest film, Everybody Wants Some, as a “spiritual sequel” to Dazed and Confused and rejoiced in your not at all dimly lit cubicle. Bros, jk, I am that guy and I did rejoice. Then I saw it and rejoiced again. Linklater, you crafty son of a bitch, you did it. In fact, I’ll do you one better, Links. We’re all better off for having SEEN this beautiful slice of life story…that does, in fact, have no story.

1980. Texas. Jake (Blake Jenner) strolls up to his new not so humble abode confidently, and why not? He’s chiseled, affable, a few days away from his first day of college and on the goddamn baseball team. Limited housing sees the team sharing a house, with all the bro down camaraderie that that requires of them. Ping pong, beer, the occasional life lesson. Getting dazedja vu yet?

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To sit here and try to aptly describe the shambly eccentricities and brilliance of this consistently shifting ensemble cast is futile. I’m pretty good with movie faces and didn’t recognize a single actor but will now never forget them again.

Let’s start with Finnegan (Glen Powell), the only man in this unnamed city to gain traction with the ladies by openly defending his average sized genitalia. Powell brings a spot-on overconfidence to the role that is incomparable. I’m putting money on it now. Next Matthew McConaughey.

Another stand out to me is Willoughby (Wyatt Russell), a record-setting pot smoker with a secret. An odd arc conclusion that is only touched on briefly before moving to the next player’s minute crisis. That might sound frustrating in type but in (non) action it’s really quite hypnotizing. Linklater is clearly channeling something personal here and thankfully his heart on the sleeve approach is more stomachable than, say, current day Cameron Crowe.

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Even Dazed had antagonists (Ben Affleck was brooding long before he was Batman), whereas Everybody Wants Some teases tension only to follow up with a scene in which the scuffle was totally forgotten. And therein lies the charm. The closest I could equate to friction in this film is a single scene of an inconsiderate roommate and an exaggeratedly heated table tennis game.

Sadly, the only significant female to earn dialogue comparable to the guys is Beverly (Zoey Deutch). Unsadly, she is a fully realized character played to the tee.

After the peppered in emotional anguish of both Before Midnight and Boyhood, it’s pretty clear Linklater wanted to let loose. I for one welcome him to do so.



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