Film Review – War Dogs

War Dogs

War Dogs

To get royally fucked by your best friend

War Dogs was a GREAT movie executed by the cast and crew. I found myself completely engaged in the whole movie, partly because I had no idea of the actual event that had happened. I did some research and the movie had played out exactly what happened plus a few extra twists and details.

As soon as Jonah Hill made his appearance, I knew for sure he was a shady character. Here’s this honest-working, albeit stoner, massage therapist just making it through life and enter his childhood best friend to turn his life completely upside-down. When money and greed get the best of you, things go bad.

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The movie had great elements: swindling, greed, backstabbing, the stereotypical correlation between Jews and money, even some silly Hangover comedy (Hill’s character’s laugh killed me! Lol.) If you want to see a movie about the best and worst friendship, this has all the ingredients. With everything that Hill portrayed, I was like, “Oh, dude, that’s fucked up!” I felt a little bad for Miles Teller’s character.

Bradley Cooper did a wonderful job as well with his portrayal of a rival arms dealer. Anything that Cooper does is great and the way that he engages the audience makes me love him even more. His role as a no non-sense businessman was both captivating and believable. I wouldn’t want to make deals with that guy.

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The lighting set the mood for each scene and gave it a good Miami Vice feel to it. It felt sort of 80’s classic. For a $45 million film, it didn’t seem like they spent that much money on the production. From what I saw, it might not make that money back, but it’s a good “Netflix and chill” movie.

I’d watch it again, but I wouldn’t spend $25 for the film and movie theatre popcorn. (And for those of you who know me, I LOVE movie theatre popcorn!)




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