Action Junkie: McBain – The Movie

McBain. In the world of The Simpsons he is James Bond as if played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, McBain is a character within a character as played by Rainer Wolfcastle, the Simpsons parody of the ex-Governator. For fans of the show’s earlier years, McBain: The Movie is no surprise; pieces of it were shown as small clips, often opening the show. This is a meta joke. There is no real McBain movie, except inside the world of The Simpsons, and the fine folks over at College Humor took those segments and spliced them together, giving us the most complete version of the McBain movie we’ll probably ever get. It’s pure Schwarzenegger fodder: the body count, the violence, and the beautifully timed one-liners. Enjoy!

Update 2.18.2011 – the video appears to have to be removed sadly. You might be able to search for it on the net.


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