Film Review – 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

This is a Romanian film about a college girl and her friend who hire a guy to do an abortion on one of them. They rent a hotel room, but it’s the wrong one, there’s all kinds of security and the guy doing the abortion is not happy about it. He explains the procedure, and for payment, he sleeps with both girls – those are his terms since what he’s doing could send him to jail for a long time.

The friend has to go meet her boyfriend’s family for his mom’s birthday party while the pregnant girl waits for the procedure to take effect. The friend fights with her boyfriend at the party because she’s stressed out about the whole procedure –somehow this is all his fault. Then she goes back to the hotel to check on her friend. The procedure went through without a hitch and the movie pretty much ends there.

It’s a two hour movie yet nothing really happens. There’s neither tension nor resolution in this film. Romania needs to watch a couple Die Hard films or something to get an idea of what “plot” is (even if the plot is terrible… haha). This movie is boring, even for a foreign film. I was really surprised nothing more happened in this movie. There were parts in this film that *I* would have written in some action, but nope – point A to point B on lithium – no peaks, valleys, or twists.

(1 out of 5 fus)


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