Film Review – Big Man Japan

Big Man Japan – This Japanese film is a fake documentary on a “real life” super hero who protects Japan from monsters. The film crew is interviewing Big Sato, who is the youngest (the sixth one) in a long line of monster-fighters in Japan (meaning he fights monsters, obviously). The guys in this family get phone calls from the department of defense and go to a power generation station to get electrocuted into a 100-foot-tall muscle guy.

Sponsors pay money to get their logo tattooed on his chest or hips or back. The big men fight the monsters and when they defeat the monster, the monster gets taken up into the heavens by a bright light beam. The film crew is asking questions about growing up and how the bloodline has gotten publicity over the years. Apparently things were pretty sweet for the rockstar “Fourth”. Then the Fifth gave himself too much juice at the power plant and electrocuted himself. The Fourth is now in an old folks’ home and gets regular visits from his grandson, the Sixth. At one point, the senile grandfather sneaks out, juices himself up and wreaks havoc throughout Tokyo while wearing an adult diaper (which they never explain how they made a diaper so big, but that’s the least of my worries in this film).

Big Sato has a daughter who is living with Sato’s ex-wife. He gets to see his daughter about once a month and the crew follows him for a visit. He’s good with his daughter, but his ex doesn’t want any more visits than she has to endure. Big Sato ends up dropping a baby monster and the public is outraged that he has killed a (50 foot) baby in broad day light. The media has a field day with him, and it’s not good. They make television shows mocking him having trouble defeating this one particular red demon kid.

The previews for this film made it impossible NOT to watch, but it was kind of a let down from the preview. I still laughed a couple of times, but mostly at myself being stupid enough to have actually purchased this film. The Japanese folks certainly have a way of showing Hollywood what TRUE creativity can inspire. IF they could wrap it into a more believable plot or add some worthwhile special effects, they’d be a force to be reckoned with. But as it stands, they’ll continue to make ridiculous movies. And I’ll continue to buy them hahahahahaha.

(2 out of 5 fus)


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