Film Review – Date Night

I hadn’t heard much good about this movie, so when M.Giant asked if I was up for a movie and suggested it, I reluctantly caved and agreed to do it. I do like both Steve Carell and Tina Fey, so I figured at least I’d be entertained by them. The movie is about a married couple living in New Jersey and they have a pretty boring and routine life together. They’re comfortable, but maybe not happy.

Their friends mention they are getting a divorce because they discovered they were just really good roommates, rather than in love with each other. Both Carell and Fey then decided they were going to spice up their lives. They head into NYC for a fancy dinner. They don’t have reservations, but they take someone’s reservation that is a no-show. These two thugs show up to their table and have them go into the alley with them. They’ve been mistaken for the Triplehorns – the people who didn’t show up for dinner. The actual Triplehorns have photos and documents on a flash drive that these thugs want back.

The bad guys take them to central park to find this flash drive that neither Carell nor Fey know where it is. They escape the bad guys and enlist the help of a shirtless Marky Mark to help them track down the Triplehorns. Marky Mark is a black ops government agent, so he’s got some skills. The original two thugs (who turn out to be crooked cops) turn up at Marky Mark’s house, he sends the couple out the garage in one of his cars (an amazing Audi R8 – super hot car). There’s a slightly far-fetched car chase in NYC where they destroy the beautiful car. There’s all kinds of shenanigans that happen between Carell and Fey during the night, including getting the flash drive and then losing it in the East River.

While I don’t think this film was hilarious or funny in most places, it was decent and I did laugh out loud at a couple of points. There were some great characters with Ray Liotta and William Fichtner playing bad guys, Mila Kunis playing a stripper, Common playing a crooked cop, and Will i Am playing himself. The acting was fine in this movie and Carell and Fey really are masters of improvising lines, as shown in the outtakes during the final credits. It’s probably not worth running to the theaters to see this film, but it’s a decent film overall. It’s just soooo far-fetched that you couldn’t really believe any of it was happening. In the words of M.Giant, “It’s a good thing they got Tina Fey and Steve Carell to act in this film…”

(2 out of 5 fus)


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