Film Review – Dead Snow

I was completely sucked in by the front of the DVD case with Dead Snow. Nazis AND Zombies? Sold! Then throw in some snow and the search for Nazi gold? How could this movie fail?

Some Norwegian medical students (not sure why they were written as med students, but whatever) are on winter break and head to a secluded cabin in Norway. A random guy shows up in the middle of the night and warns them about the Nazis that were frozen here in this area during World War II. The random guy leaves and goes off to his tent. And the zombies get him.

The zombies then show up at the cabin and attack the people inside. Some make it, some don’t. The next morning, the zombies have disappeared…. Or have they?!? These aren’t third shift zombies apparently! Then the epic and timeless battle of human vs Zombie commences for another hour.

The film is mildly amusing, with some one liners that even translate well across subtitles. The action is good and there’s lots of running and blood spraying and intestine pulling. The plot is, at the very least, unique. The effects are fairly well done and inventive (how often do you get to mount a giant machine gun to a snowmobile? Not often enough, I say!). But the film seems like it drags for a while before getting started. This film wouldn’t go over well at Bad Movie Night – it just isn’t interesting nor funny enough by the half-hour point.

Dead Snow isn’t scary enough, nor does it contain enough jump scenes. However, it does well on humor without being slapstick. And it has pretty decent gore in it. I’ve seen way better, funnier, scarier, and more graphic zombie movies. This one was just alright. I had high hopes for this film, but it seemed like the awesome concept just wasn’t executed as well as it could have been.

(3 out of 5 fus)


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