Film Review – Hank and Mike

This Canadian indie comedy opens with a guy in a pink bunny suit sitting on the couch watching scrambled porn on TV. Best opening ever. It’s Easter Sunday and Hank and Mike are Easter Bunnies. I don’t mean dressed as Easter Bunnies, I mean the ARE Easter Bunnies. They sneak into people’s houses and put eggs in people’s stuff on Easter. Seriously.

There’s a big corporation that deals in Easter Bunnies and they’re trying to turn Easter into a tier-1 holiday like xmas and Hanukkah. It’s odd, but a hilarious concept for a movie. Apparently, Hank and Mike missed a house this year, so they get written up. Not just written up, they get full blown fired. They go out and get all sloppy drunk, bang some whores, and get rowdy. The two bunnies go to the unemployment office to get jobs, and they are forced to go through a bunch of hilarious temp jobs. The evil bunny has dreams about blowing up kids with bomb filled Easter eggs and the good bunny ends up on the streets. Then, they go on a mission to get their jobs back.

It’s an odd little film, but it’s an interesting perspective. It might be just weird enough to be amusing. Not good, by any stretch, but weird.

(2 out of 5 fus)


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