Film Review – Let The Right One In

Let The Right One In is a vampire movie from Sweden that isn’t what I thought it would be.   I really am used to vampire films being very suspenseful with some crazy jump scenes where stuff jumps out where you don’t expect it.   But this isn’t one of them.   I was sort of disappointed.

A little boy gets a new neighbor, a girl about his age.   She ends up being a vampire, but is very matter of fact about it.   Her father tries to kill people and drain their blood for her, but keeps botching the exercise and eventually lets his daughter drink his blood before he dies.   The girl and the boy have a puppy love relationship and she ends up moving away.   It’s got good effects (minus the CGI cat scene which is borderline slapstick and should have been much scarier and well done), and the film really isn’t that gory, especially for a vampire film.

I had much higher expectations.   However it is a foreign film, and we all know those are a little light on plot most of the time.  Too bad, Sweden.  You’ll get ‘em next time.


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