Film Review – My Name Is Bruce

Alright, I’m the only lover of bad movies in the history of the planet that doesn’t like Bruce Campbell at all.  I’m sorry.   I respect what he’s done for the genre, but I can’t stand him or his moronic acting.

My Name Is Bruce is a movie directed by Bruce Campbell about himself.   He’s a low budget horror film actor who gets kidnapped by a superfan to protect his hometown of Goldlick from an evil Chinese demon.   It’s the most ridiculous film ever, complete with stupid blood splattering like in all of Bruce Campbell films.   The kid that captures Bruce goes after the demon himself and Bruce has to return to the town to save the kid and then nail the kid’s mom.

If you like Bruce Campbell, you’ll probably like this film.   If you don’t (like me), you’ll hate this movie.   I’m just glad to get this one checked off my Netflix list.


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