Film Review – Pineapple Express

This film starts with a military-sponsored marijuana experiment which gets shut down (which then doesn’t end up having anything to do with the rest of the film at all). Then it cuts to Seth Rogan driving around wearing various costumes, serving people subpoenas. He’s dating a girl from high school and when he goes to visit her between classes he argues with one of her teachers. She’s trying to get him to meet her parents for dinner but since he has a job, he’s having trouble working out the timing.

He drives over to his dealer’s house and they have a very in-depth weed conversation and smoke some Pineapple Express before Seth goes back to work. Seth heads back to work and while smoking weed in the car, a cop pulls up behind him. The cop goes into the house he’s staking out and Seth sees a bunch of people getting shot up. He freaks and drives away and goes back to his drug dealer’s house. They both get paranoid and freak out and leave, but some of the bad guys show up at the dealer’s house to wait for him. Since the two are paranoid, they smash their phones to bit so they can’t be tracked and then when they wake up 18 hours later, they’re screwed. Seth makes it to his girlfriend’s parent’s house and tries to get them to run for it.

More zany adventures happen and it’s basically a ridiculous end to what wasn’t a great movie to begin with. The film is really long and even though, there are some pretty hilarious scenes, it really doesn’t stand up to any sort of scrutiny at all. It was very long (over two hours) and it seemed to drag quite a bit. I hoped this film would end a couple of times. The dialog and plot are pretty basic, even for a drug movie, and there’s a lot of stuff that just plain isn’t believable in it (then again, it’s a drug movie). I was a tad let down by this movie, but I’ve never been a fan of the genre, so take that with a grain of salt. If you liked Supertroopers or a lot of other Seth Rogan stuff, you might like this film. But I have heard people say they’d only watch this film again if they themselves were baked out of their mind. That should speak for itself.

(2 out of 5 fus)


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