Film Review – Re-Cycle

Re-Cycle is a Japanese horror/suspense film about a writer who normally writes love stories, but decides to write a book about supernatural ghosts and such. While she’s working on it, she begins to see monsters and figures in the corners of her house and there are weird long strands of hair left when she sees the figure.

It’s pretty suspenseful like a lot of Japanese horror films are. It will give you the heeby-jeebees if you watch it without the lights on. There’s a lot of jump scenes where things fly out of nowhere when you least expect them. It’s got zombies and mass suicides and flying ghosts chasing people. It’s like the ghosts are trying to help the author feel terror so she can write about it. A small child gets the author to follow her into this bizarre world where all kinds of weird stuff looks like it’s been cast aside and forgotten. All of the stuff is leftover toys, thoughts, ideas, and unfulfilled promises the author has experienced over her lifetime. There are zombies in her thoughts I guess, because they’re after her and trying not to let her get to “The Transit” – the only way out of this dimension.

There is some pretty corny CGI in this film, but there is also some really good CGI in it. It’s pretty intense most of the time. And in typical Japanese horror film style, I enjoyed the movie up until the end, where I asked myself, “what the hell just happened?!” I think people who like suspense will like this film. It’s not the typical gore and blood spraying you sometimes see with Japanese horror films, but it does keep the adrenaline flowing.


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