Film Review – Sex Drive

A high school kid who’s playing the part of a nerdy kid (if they wanted a real nerdy kid they would have found ME in high school) who has some trouble with girls. He meets a girl on the internet and despite him having a fake photo up, she somehow convinces him to drive halfway across the country to have sex (hence the drive to have sex – aka sex drive).

He and his best friend steal his D-bag brother’s super awesome GTO out of the garage and pick up one of their lady friends and drive to Kentucky. They run into all kinds of problems. They overheat the engine and have to pee in the radiator with the help of the guy that plays Packer of a creepy hitchhiker. They then get picked up by Seth Green playing an Amish guy (actually he’s really good at it). Then they run into Brian Posehn playing a carnie at a county fair.

They have some pretty stupid adventures, including the kid pledging abstinence while rocking a serious erection. Getting thrown in jail, smacking a girl in the face with a lollipop, and sitting in a dentist’s office with a shirtless guy. The nerdy kid has proclaimed his love for the girl that is along for the ride, and she realizes on the trip that he’s right for him. This leads to some tension and the nerdy kid tries to back out. And I’ll be honest, the kid’s d-bag brother is hilarious in this movie. He says the most classic and inappropriate lines. Equally awesome are the pair of hilarious metal guys that say wildly inappropriate sexual things to every girl they see.

This film was the unrated version and the directors have computer generated all kinds of absolutely ridiculous gratuitous nudity. It will be a completely innocuous scene and you’ll see a naked girl walk across the screen. It’s pretty hilarious. There’s also a lot of male frontal nudity, so if you’re squeamish about that, get the rated version. The movie is like one of those American Pie/Superbad/Eurotrip kind of films, but a little more low-brow, if you can believe it. I probably could have slept through a lot of it, but I ended up chuckling through a bunch of it, even the parts where there were balls all over the screen for overly-long periods of time. It’s probably not worth renting, but you might be amused if you’ve got an couple hours to kill – it IS over two hours long… yikes.

(2 out of 5 fus)


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