Film Review – Step Brothers

Some people hate Will Farrell, and some people wish they could hate Will Farrell, but can’t. I’m in the latter group. Step Brothers is about two single parents that get combined (thankfully, Mary Steenburgen is the smokin’ hot mom, so SCORE for me) and two adult children living at home are now forced to live with each other.
 Yes, Will Farrell acts like an overgrown idiot kid (like most of his movies), and it always comes across as moronic, but he does string enough one liners together that it passes for comedy. While the fight scenes between the two step brothers are moronic, there are some classic moments in many of them. I will say that singing in any film ruins it for me, especially when people sing Guns N Roses songs as operatic barbershop quartet idiocy – this film does have that, so be warned.

Farrell’s biological brother stops by for a visit and is a pompous ass to everyone, and ends up winning over the new dad. Farrell’s brother dares the step brothers to punch him and John C. Reilly socks him right in the face. Farrell and Reilly become best friends. The step brothers go job hunting (as a team), which fails miserably, and they decide to go into business together and start an entertainment company. All kinds of things go poorly and they’re forced to move out of their parents’ house (because they caused their divorce) and get real jobs. The parents eventually get back together and everyone lives happily ever after.

It’s a ridiculous movie, and doesn’t stand up to scrutiny except for a handful of one liners, especially the line about Kobayashi. Those one liners are classic, but seriously, it’s probably not worth the 1:45 you have to invest in the film to get them.

(2 out of 5 fus)


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