Film Review – Stuck

A nursing home nurse is being considered for a job promotion due to the crap (literally) she deals with every day at work. Her boss tricks her into coming into work on her day off and the nurse isn’t happy about it. This film is about the rough day this nurse is about to have. This film is supposedly based on a true story about a woman in Texas to which this happened – I’m not sure I’m buying it based on this film.

Across town, this other guy can’t pay his rent due to his recent job loss, so the landlord kicks him out of his apartment. The landlord is kind of a douche and tells the guy he can’t take any of his belongings with him when he’s throwing him out. There’s a scuffle in an upstairs apartment and the evicted guy grabs his belongings and runs for it. The guy has an appointment with an employment agency to find a job, but it doesn’t go well. He ends up sleeping in a park that night. The nurse is at a club on some drugs and goes home slightly tipsy. She’s on her cell phone when she runs the homeless guy over and he sticks in her windshield, bleeding all over the inside of her car. She freaks out and keeps on driving, through the city and to her house. She parks her car in the garage to hide it and when she reaches for her purse, the guy moves and asks for help. She freaks out and runs inside the house to her drug dealer boyfriend. She tells him she hit a homeless person and he tells her not to worry about it. Then they end up having sex and she keeps seeing the homeless guy’s face on her boyfriend’s while he’s “getting’ up in them guts.”

The next morning, she goes out to the garage and the guy is still alive and still stuck in her windshield. She remembers she’s supposed to be at work, so she calls as cab. As she’s going out to the cab, the homeless guy honks the horn on her car. She whacks him in the head with a board to make him stop. When he wakes up, he uses her cell phone to call 911, but the battery dies in the cell phone. He continues to honk the horn and a boy hears him and goes and gets his mom. The kid’s dad says he doesn’t want the police around or they could get into big trouble. Unfortunately, the father won’t let the mother and kid call for help.

The guy climbs all the way into the car, grabs a bottle of water, and fashions a splint out of the board she smacked him with. The nurse gets off work and goes to her drug dealer/bf’s house where she finds another woman in his bed. She whips the new girl’s ass (including hitting her with a frying pan) and throws her out into the hallway. She gets over the infidelity pretty quickly and gets the bf to help her with the guy she hit the previous night. He suggests calling 911 – hilarious. The bf ties the guy up so he doesn’t keep crawling around everywhere. They tie him up and sack him up in garbage bags, right when the nurse’s co-worker walks into the garage to check things out. The couple comes up with a story about hitting a deer, since she saw the car and all the blood. The co-worker had come by to tell the nurse that her boss knows she left work and things are turning south at work.

Meanwhile a neighbor is walking his dog and the dog gets into the garage and gets blood all over her fur, yet the owner thinks it’s food or ketchup or something and takes the dog back home. The couple tries to figure out how to dispose of this guy. The homeless guy unties himself and is ready for the bf to come back. The bf pulls a gun on the guy and it goes off right as the homeless guy stabs the bf in the eye with a ball point pen and kills him. The nurse comes back out to the garage and finds her dead boyfriend and the guy bashes her in the head with the car door. And for a guy with two compound fractures, he’s walking pretty well, using the broom as a crutch – weird.

He gets out into the street and pulls the gun on the nurse. The gun goes off and she smacks him in the head with the shovel. Apparently, no one sees her dragging his body back into the garage. She dumps gasoline all over the bodies of her bf and the homeless guy and argues with the homeless guy. He starts the car and then runs the nurse over inside the garage. He breaks both her legs and she’s now laying on the hood of her own car. She tries to shoot the homeless guy with the gun and the sparks from the gun end up lighting all the gasoline she’s poured all over the place. The homeless guy manages to get the garage door open and crawls to safety.

First off, she’s a nurse, so she’s not an idiot. Secondly, he’s got compound fractures in both legs with bones sticking out, and he’s been sliced open badly by the windshield he’s sticking out of, but he isn’t dead. Thirdly, the neighbor kid and mother would have called 911 no matter what if they saw a guy sticking out of a windshield moving around. Fourth, you don’t just whip together a splint out of a board and a plastic bag, especially when you’ve got bones sticking out of your pantleg. Fifth, the nurse got over the whore much quicker than I expected. This list goes on and on and continues to get more and more ridiculous. This movie is so far beyond the scope of reality that it’s not funny or even entertaining. It’s just annoying and implausible. The acting in the film is decent, so I’ve got no complaints there, just with the writing. Don’t waste your time with this film.

(1 out of 5 fus)


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