Film Review – The Losers

The first time I saw a preview for The Losers, I thought I wanted to see it. Then the more reviews I read about this film, the less I wanted to see it. The previews made this seem like an awesome film – so mission accomplished, trailer-people. Sadly, the rest-of-the-movie people didn’t come through. When I read it was a bad adaptation of the A-Team, I was intrigued. Sadly, those reviews were pretty spot on.

The film is about a group of military special ops people sent into the rain forest of Bolivia to take out a drug dealer. However, the dealer has a handful of kids on site to make sure they don’t get attacked. The commandos roll into the drug operation, shoot up the bad guys and rescue the kids before an air strike is called in to blow up the whole thing. The special ops people are presumed dead and are given dishonorable everything so their country thinks they had turned into bad guys at the end.

The good guys find some sort of sponsor who is willing to fund a mission to track down and find the person responsible for the blowing up of the children and loss of the teams American identities. They sign on and sneak back into the country with a ton of money and a bunch of guns. The bad guy is a major arms dealer who is building these things called Snukes – or super nukes. These weapons, with the help of some awful CGI, make whole island disappear in the ocean. The bad guy is selling them to the highest bidder and has no problem killing people who get in his way. The “B-Team” ends up finding him and there are all kinds of glass and explosion-filled shootouts.

Where to start…? The acting in this movie is absolutely wretched. Thankfully, I was one of two people in the theater when I saw it (that should tell you something), so we were able to get quite vocal during the film. Lot’s of “COME ON!” and “REALLY!?” and “That doesn’t happen!” happened during this film. What’s worse the the direct tie to the A-Team is the fact that it has an even closer tie to Tropic Thunder. Every character in The Losers has a counterpart in Tropic Thunder. Sad but true. So I found myself thinking of Robert Downey Jr and Ben Stiller way too many times. There was some sort of weak tie to a graphic novel or comic book shoutout in the opening and closing credits, but nothing about the film reminded me of comics at any point. Seemed like a waste if that’s what they were going for.

Save yourself the time and money by not seeing this film. It had one good line that I remembered from the preview. That’s one of the few times I laughed – at least when I was supposed to laugh. I laughed at quite a few things the producers of this film didn’t intend. Terrible film.

(1 out of 5 fus)


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