Film Review – The Signal

The Signal is a zombie-ish film that is kind of a combination of 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead and maybe a little bit of Pulse. There are parts of this film that I cracked up about and other parts that were pretty suspenseful and twisted. I’m still not sure what I thought I saw was really what happened, but I think that’s the whole point of the film.

Mia is cheating on her husband with random guy and goes home to find people killing each other in the hallway because there’s some broadcast signal going through the televisions and radios urging people to kill. It messes with their brains so they think normally, but things get mixed up in their heads. Mia runs away and crashes her car and the boyfriend (not her husband) goes after her. There’s lots of brutal head smashing in this film and all sorts of bloody weirdness. It’s not quite as campy as some zombie films, but it’s not quite as terrifying either. Consider it a beginner zombie film.

There’s only two parts of the film where I called “bullshit”. In the beginning of the film, Mia sees people brutally murdered in her apartment building, yet grabs her headphones, puts them on and walks out of the apartment building like nothing’s wrong. Then at the end of the film, the boyfriend hears her headphones from like a quarter mile away. If you can get over those two ridiculous things, you’ll find a decent film. Not amazing, but good enough to hold your attention for an hour and a half.


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