SDCC Interview – Bryan Fuller – Hannibal

“Give us more weird.”

The MacGuffin was a part of the round table interviews for Hannibal that happened after the SDCC panel on Thursday. As a Fannibal, I was pretty ecstatic to be able to interview the cast and crew who were at SDCC. In this interview with showrunner/writer Bryan Fuller, Bryan discusses his surprise at being given a third season on NBC. I found it to be really good news that there were other interested parties in case NBC cancelled the show. It gives me hope that this show will be able to play out as long as Bryan Fuller envisions it to. He also discusses the fan base, the surprising demographic of it, the food element of the show, getting José Andrés as the culinary consultant, what will happen when Hannibal ends up behind bars, the third season theme, and the hope that Michael Pitt will be back for next season. I asked him about censor issue since it came up in last year’s panel. Apparently, you can’t do thrusting on network TV.


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