October Preview

Here at the MacGuffin, we’ve made no secret about our collective love for horror films. October is, of course, a great time for horror fans, and we’ll be celebrating all month long.

The center of our revelry will be the unveiling of the Top 31 Horror Films of All Time, as decided by all ten of the contributing MacGuffin writers. We each submitted our own list of favorites, and 152 individual films and one complicated algorithm later (um, that’d be each #1 pick gets 31 points, each #2 pick gets 30 points, etc….), the official, indisputable list was formed. We’ll be counting down starting tomorrow, highlighting one film a day, until the ultimate winner is revealed on Halloween.

On the podcast, Spencer and John have more fun planned, with a different horror theme for each episode that will air in October. And if that’s not enough Spencer and John for you (and you know it isn’t), you can plan to see them in person at the Grand Illusion theater in Seattle on Friday the 22nd, where they’ll be hosting a double feature of Big Trouble in Little China and Night of the Creeps. Further details for the event are available here. Besides the great films, there will also be contests and prizes.

Stay tuned, and get ready to tell us what you think about our favorite films! Happy October.

Big Trouble In Little China Trailer:

Night of the Creeps Trailer:


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