Top 10 2013 – Adelaide’s List

3) Austenland (2013) I think this movie is HILARIOUS. Doubters can suck it. I am usually disappointed by modern comedies, mostly because I don’t think they are funny. (Seriously, we have a national comedy shortage.) This film directed by Jerusha Hess pokes fun at Jane Austen fans in the most loving way. The comedy here is very broad, and if you are not a fan of watching people getting poked in the eye, this may not be your cup of tea. But I do like that, and this film met all my humor needs. I also found it to be a satisfying love story, which is another rarity these days. Also, there are heaving bosoms for those who might find a female-centered comedy too intimidating.

2) I am Divine (2013) This biographical look at Harris Glenn Milstead, AKA Divine, ended up inspiring me at a time when I most needed it. Divine is not presented as a Tragic Gay Character, but rather a hard-working person who succeeded because he embraced his inner freak. (Which we might all benefit from doing.) Initially serving as the muse of John Waters, Divine had just begun to break out on his own playing a male character when he died of a heart attack. This film celebrates Divine without false sentimentality and really gives us a sense of both his strengths and failings. I cried real tears and you will too.

1) The Gatekeepers (2012) This film about the Israeli internal security service, Shin Bet, is chilling in its conclusion that Israel’s current handling of the Palestinian situation is doomed to doing nothing but create more terrorism within the country’s borders. Director Dror Moreh interviews the six surviving former heads of the Shin Bet, who recount the history of the organization, revealing a host of unsavory activities including targeted assassinations and torture. (And it’s even more unnerving to think that our government most likely engages in the same types of things.) They don’t seem to regret much they have done, but regard their actions as pragmatic considering the situation. Given the secretive nature of their occupations, these men are surprisingly candid about their actions, and it is both frightening and fascinating to watch the story of Shin Bet unfold.

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