The MacGuffin’s Top 10 Films of 2015

The writers at The MacGuffin all had a favorite film of 2015. The neat thing about writing for a site like this one is that there are many voices and opinions on all different types of films. We don’t all agree on how much we like a certain film (the reason you see Second Take reviews), but we love the art form and the escapism and storytelling of them. Here is the top 10 list of the compiled votes for many of the writers here on this site. Even with multiple votes, we still ended up with a three way tie for #7. Please note: this list does not include films that will nott have a wide release until 2016 (The Revenant, Anomalisa, etc.).

Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Header Image
1. Mad Max: Fury Road – 62

From Benjamin Nason’s review: “It may be 30 years after Thunderdome was released in theaters, but if the tenacity and energy that comes steaming off the tailpipe of this thing  is any indication, 30 years have only allowed for more tools and more intention to create a better means for telling a truly high-octane spectacle. One with the kind of heart and sincerity that makes every go-for-broke moment feel that spectacular. George Miller has crafted a movie that will not easily be surpassed; a true instant-classic, action masterpiece.”

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2. Inside Out – 37

From Nick Ahler’s review: “The fleshed-out and consistently inventive world created by Pete Docter and his team is truly astounding. While the physics of this inner world are in a constant state of fluctuation, it never feels like a cheat. Each of the several exciting setpieces offered build naturally and masterfully connect to one another. Along for the adventure is Bing Bong (Richard Kind), a forgotten elephant-like imaginary friend with the lay of the land and habit of crying candy pieces. It’s all as adorable as it sounds.”

Sicario Movie Header Image

3. Sicario – 30

From Benjamin Nason’s review: “Utilizing this perspective of the cartels along with the three lead actors, Denis Villeneuve and crew have crafted a superbly taut action, thriller. Josh Brolin’s performance as Matt is both nihilistically fun and spot on its symbolic representation of by-any-means-necessary. The out-of-her-depth and yet ever-curious aspect Emily Blunt brings to Kate is refreshing in its infuriating result. Stoic, pained and dangerous, Benicio Del Toro is at once extremely likeable and totally unnerving. His performance here is understated compared to previous roles, which makes him all the more of a presence to watch.”


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