Top Horror Films – #19 – The Fly

The Fly
1986; directed by David Cronenberg; written by David Cronenberg and Charles Edward Pogue, from the short story by George Langelaan

Allen: A strange and surreal film, and one of the best remakes ever made. David Cronenberg’s story of one man’s obsession for a scientific breakthrough, that goes terribly wrong, is bizzare, horrific, moving, and brilliant. Jeff Goldblum was perfectly cast as Seth Brundle, an eccentric scientist who undergoes a transformation both outside and inside himself. Geena Davis lends good supporting work as the reporter who falls in love with Brundle. The makeup work here is one to behold; by the end of the film Goldblum literally disappears into his character.

Brandi: The insane premise of the The Fly sounds so silly when you think about it—a man turning into a bug—that it’s kind of amazing how creepy and disturbing this film really is. Allen is also correct in saying that at the same time, it is moving. The best horror films take the characters and their relationships seriously, so that the audience can feel not just shock or fright, but real empathy. In that area, The Fly excels.

Ed: Much as in some of the classic monster movies like Frankenstein, what’s terrific is the humanity brought to the monster here. You really feel for the lost humanity during his transformation. Also, the loss of body parts throughout this horror spin on Kafka is genuinely unsettling. The notion of your own body turning on you provides real creeps.

Team Rankings:
Jeremy – #2
Brandi – #10
Allen – #18


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