Top Horror Films – #22 – Gremlins

1984; directed by Joe Dante; written by Chris Columbus

John: Joe Dante has made a lot of good movies, but this gooey slice of Americana is the best. Who doesn’t want to have Gizmo for a pet? The comedic sequel plays like a spoof of the first, but is nearly as good. Bring on part 3!

Brandi: Agreed, I would love to see a part 3. This is a film that I loved as a kid that has never gotten old. It has genuinely impressive monster movie action scenes, great humor, characters you truly care about, iconic music…every piece of the film just works. It endures because it takes itself seriously but also has an irresistible sense of fun.

Team Rankings:
Spencer – #3
Brandi – #14
John – #21


Brandi is one of those people who worries about kids these days not appreciating black and white films. She also admires great moments of subtlety, since she has no idea how to be subtle herself.

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