Top Horror Films – #29 – Nosferatu

1922; directed by F.W. Murnau; screenplay by Henrik Galeen

Allen: One of the first, and most realistic, of all monster movies, directed by German master F.W. Murnau. Max Schreck embodied the twisted and gothic look of the vampire, Count Orlok; only once during the entire film do we ever see him blink. The main achievement of this silent film is how it takes the famous story of Dracula and strips down its romanticism. A vampire should not be a sexy, charming, seductive character, but a grotesque, animal-like creature, a result of hundreds of years in existence.

Team Rankings:
Allen – #5
Mark – #12


Brandi is one of those people who worries about kids these days not appreciating black and white films. She also admires great moments of subtlety, since she has no idea how to be subtle herself.

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