Top Horror Films – #9 – The Descent

The Descent
2005; written and directed by Neil Marshall

John: Neil Marshall is my favorite modern horror director, thanks to this film and Dog Soldiers. This tops my list of best horror of the new millennium. A mediocre sequel, with the threat of more to follow, can’t diminish the visceral scares of this modern classic.

Allen: The Descent is one of the best horror films of the new century. The story, style, and attention to character puts this far above other horror movies out today. It’s great to see a film made up of entirely strong female characters, each fleshed out with their own individual motivations. The scares come quick and often, and not only do they have to worry about the monsters in the dark, they have to worry about trying to survive the elements of the cave itself. A finely made, suspenseful horror film that all fans of the genre should see.

Brandi: The visuals, the characters, the set-ups, the timing and tension, the follow-through on the stakes that are raised: every aspect of The Descent is sharp. The sum of those parts is something even greater. It is easy to focus on just the effective thrill of watching this film; it is very, very scary. It also transcends that worthy goal to become a wrenching story about a struggle for both physical and emotional survival.

Team Rankings:
Brandi – #3
Spencer – #4
Allen – #11
Chad – #15
John – #15


Brandi is one of those people who worries about kids these days not appreciating black and white films. She also admires great moments of subtlety, since she has no idea how to be subtle herself.

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