Top 5 – Acts of Redemption

Another Top 5 segment from The MacGuffin. This time Allen and Ed share their top 5 acts of redemption.

This segment is also available on Stitcher, iTunes and from here. After you’ve watched the video please vote in our poll and share which one you think is the best.


Spencer was born and raised in New Mexico. He grew up with the many great films of the 1980’s before having his world rocked after seeing The Usual Suspects. He moved to Washington State to go to the University of Washington, and currently any free time he currently has is split between working on film projects and watching films.

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  • Adelaide Blair

    What, no love for the ladies? Jezebel with Bette Davis, Mr Skeffington also with Bette Davis (You can just add about half her movies), Young Adult with Charlize Theron, The Lady Eve with Barbara Stanwyck, This Woman is dangerous with Joan Crawford. Redemption ain’t just for the boys.

  • brandisays

    YES–excellent point about a recurring theme in Davis’s career, as well as Stanwyck, Crawford, etc. They don’t make those meaty, dramatic roles for ladies like they used to.

    I would say Young Adult is a [fantastic] film about a person utterly failing to redeem herself.

  • Adelaide Blair

    And that is why Young Adult is awesome. We need more failed redemption movies. Cause that’s how life really is. (At least my life, I don’t know about you guys. I’m doomed.)

  • Spencer Fornaciari

    There is a top 5 topic…failed acts of redemption…